Spiritual Accompaniment

Conversation with a companion-in-spirit provides time to consider one’s place in the world in the light of relationship with God.
Suggested donation barter to $35

Ignatian Retreat
in Everyday Life

Retreat in the midst of life. The period between Autumn and Easter provides coherence between natural and liturgical seasons. Retreatants meet one-on-one with a spiritual companion approximately every two to three weeks.
Suggested donation $20 for each session



See current Seasonal Celebrations and Program offerings below.

Free will offerings are gratefully accepted for all programs.


Please come and join us and others in celebrating the seasons that bring hope and joy within a changing world.
To register email or call: Two weeks prior to each celebration.


Summer Solstice 2024

Thursday, June 20 at 6 p.m.
Enjoy the warmth of summer sun, time shared outside with friends, and the vibrancy experienced in refreshing waters, and the brilliancy of seasonal flowers.
Register by June 6.


To register email or call: Two weeks prior to each program. 

Welcome Spring! Awakening our commitment to protecting Mother Earth

Wednesday, May 22  -  1 to 3 p.m.

This workshop will involve participants in creative activities designed to celebrate spring as the world around us blooms and blossoms with new life.

Lori will assist participants as they compose a short memoir piece, using prose or poetry, while they reminisce about springtimes past. Participants will also be invited to dabble with simple artistic mediums to use in expressing their hopes and intentions for this spring and springtimes to come.

We will share our creations, brainstorm and discuss ideas about ways in which we can be effective caretakers of the earth around us.

To culminate, participants will sit in meditation to welcome spring, accompanied by gentle drumming, a Native American tradition. The Native Americans believe that drumming is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. We will pause to thank her for all her gifts and to extend our promises to protect her in our daily lives.

Lori Weatherly, workshop facilitator, presented at Full Circle in the past. She offered a series on Grace and a book study of Big Magic, Creative Living Without Fear. A retired schoolteacher, Lori can be found, most days, creating in her home studio. Having recently completed her memoir, Lori is now developing her weaving and embroidery skills. She and her husband are deeply committed to protecting and re-wilding their ten acres of wild, wooded wetlands in Saint Clair County.

Register by May 8.


Companions in Reparation

Since 2003 a group of people of diverse religious traditions gather monthly to discuss how they might best:

  • Manifest God’s tender, compassionate love for the world
  • Help repair the damage humans have done to themselves, to other humans, to the Earth, and to relationship with God
  • Work for reconciliation among humans
    Live compassionately within an interdependent universe

Interested? Contact Full Circle.

Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.