We would be very happy to welcome
you to any or all Full Circle programs.
Whatever free will donation you might
offer will be gratefully received.

Seasonal Celebrations

Spring Equinox: Wednesday, March 20, 6-8pm
Summer Solstice: Friday, June 21, 6-8pm

Come, celebrate remarkable high points of the year.
Register two weeks prior to each ritual.


Who can forget the joy of playing under a summer shower? The peace of floating on a quiet sea? The awe viewing the expanse of a Great Lake? The sound of rain on a metal roof? The gripping fear felt in a pounding storm? The sweet smell of a rain-drenched garden? Join in conversation with FC staff to explore the natural, cultural and sacred history of water.
Monday, April 15, 6-8pm
Register April 1


Let Your Fingers Do the Talking: Contemplative Basket Weaving

Join Susie Babcock as you let your fingers weave a tiny basket into being...much as you were knit in your mother’s womb! Have fun using paper which might otherwise go to waste or be thrown into a recycling bin. What a wonderful way to act sustainably while creating a small cuplike holder for trinkets, or a wee empty receptacle for your treasured hopes and dreams.
Saturday, June 8, 10am-1pm, light lunch provided
Register by May 25


Contemplative Expression—Visible Blessings

Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and there divines the spirit of which nature herself is animated. ~ August Rodin
Art is creative expression of our internal contemplation. It is active, a verb form of “to be,” and it is personal. Together we will explore how artistic expression connects us to the source of our being in the universe. Sue Wolfe is a teacher, poet and contemplative walker through the world. You are invited to join her and all who gather to explore how contemplation and art intersect.
Tuesday, June 25, 6-8pm
Register by June 11