During the Covid-19 crisis, we continue to offer spiritual direction/accompaniment by phone, Zoom and WhatsApp. Please contact us.

Spiritual Accompaniment

Conversation with a companion-in-spirit provides time to consider one’s place in the world in the light of relationship with God.
Suggested donation barter to $35

Ignatian Retreat in Everyday Life

Retreat in the midst of life. The period between Autumn and Easter provides coherence between natural and liturgical seasons. Retreatants meet one-on-one with a spiritual companion approximately every two to three weeks.
Suggested donation $20 for each session



Srs. Concepción and Veronica welcome requests for presentations and days of prayer at Full Circle and in other locations.


Companions in Reparation

Since 2003 a group of people of diverse religious traditions gather monthly to discuss how they might best:

  • Manifest God’s tender, compassionate love for the world
  • Help repair the damage humans have done to themselves, to other humans, to the Earth, and to relationship with God
  • Work for reconciliation among humans
    Live compassionately within an interdependent universe

Interested? Contact Full Circle.

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