Full Circle EcoHouse of Prayer



May its beauty arrest you.
May its irregular roundness console you.
May its whiteness refresh you.
May its heart warm you.
May its being bring you peace.

Veronica Blake, 2014




Green, for you, my God!

Green, "they" say, is jealous.
And all this time, I just accepted.
Today I discovered otherwise.

Green, I say, is epiphany.
Because of green, yellow shines in joyous praise
and fuchsia, yes! fuchsia can astound.

Orange, wearing a cloak of burgundy,
parading across the meadow green,
calls one to follow in its footsteps.

Now, tell me, what lavender and purple do? Wonder.
So, I wish to be, green for you, my God.
A background melody in your symphony of color.


Veronica Blake, 1984

What is the color of your relationship with God?

Aug. 15, 2016