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At the beginning of the 21st c, probably for the first time in history, the living presence of the abyss—that is, the simultaneous existence of one world that is dying and one that is being born—is a widely shared experience for millions of people across cultures, sectors and generations…. What is challenging is the beginning of the new is not that loud, its not that manifest, its not as tangible as what we already know. So what is required of us is a deeper quality of listening, of paying attention to the more subtle aspects of our experience, and of connecting with the sources of listening. This is an experience that must happen not only on the individual, but also on the collective level.
An Interview with Dr. C. Otto Scharmer, Living a Reflective Life LCWR,
The Occasional Papers, Winter 2016

The axial question is can human beings come to understand their own well-being as linked to that of others, in wider and wider circles…. Moving toward communion is the work for now and is the only way we can survive as a species…. So, while the vision of communion, especially as expressed by Teilhard de Chardin, is cosmic and vast, the work of realizing the vision is still through one life at a time. We have it in our grasp to figure out what we can do with our life in the place where we are. This is the way change happens.
An Interview with Krista Tippet, The Mystery and Art of Living LCWR,
The Occasional Papers, Winter 2017

Like the bank of a river, I need to wait, ready to receive sacred life and ready to let go. I’ve been surprised by petunias in wintry transitions of snowy sleet.
Alice Feeley, RDC, “The Intimate Nearness of God”
A Reflective Journal of the Leadership Council of Women Religious

Beloved people, ponder how we are all called to goodness. Renew. New wheat, newly sown crops, fields still fresh from God’s hand: be a better world.
Archbishop Oscar Romero, adapted from The Violence of Love
Quoted in Give Us This Day, Daily Prayer for Today’s Catholic




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