Full Circle EcoHouse of Prayer

Bioregion Reparation Fund

Srs. Veronica Blake and Concepcion Gonzalez announce creation of:

Bioregion Reparation Fund through the
Community Foundation of St. Clair County

Established July 2, 2018 by Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, United States Region,
the fund will support environmental education, restorative and spiritual programs, projects and services. It aims to raise consciousness about Earth’s ecosystems, particularly Lake Huron and St. Clair River watersheds, and to support sustainable lifestyles.


Guiding beliefs

Veronica and Conce, acting as the initial “Advising Committee,” will make recommendations to the Foundation about disbursement of grant dollars in alignment with Full Circle’s ecological guiding beliefs:

We extend deep gratitude to our religious congregation and to the Foundation, administrators of the Fund, who have enabled our legacy of love and concern for the integrity of the natural world to continue.

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Funding requests

Requests for funding will be accepted beginning July 2, 2019. Contact Full Circle for more details.